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Four young women, Shams, Inés, Sabrine and Line: a bachelor, a divorcee, a young bride and a Tunisian Jew in love with the son of the president of a political party. They are followed by Hassan, a widowed documentary journalist still suffering from the loss of his wife who is reporting on women… Hassan manages to have an alarming testimony from the young girl Héla victim of a mafia network

, where she clearly denounces the political party behind this network.

Sandra the vice-president of this party is the wife of Mo, Hassan’s best friend. Mo is ready to do anything to get revenge on everyone who is behind his imprisonment.

Khalil THE PRESIDENT of the party and Sandra THE VICE-PRESIDENT use the political party as a means to hide their shenanigans.

The party is very powerful in Tunisia. Between opportunism and manipulation, the events follow one another, the theme of the interference of personal problems with political life is evoked in an explicit way with several twists. The story gets more and more complicated and the unpredictable is expected…
15 episodes
40 minutes each
Ramadan 2015
Directed by: Nada Mezni Hafaiedh

29 octobre 2022