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According to your request, we find a concept, validate the script. Once validated, we contact the technical, artistic team and plan the shooting. We also take care of the casting, the locations, preparing the sets, costumes, effects, etc…
Depending on the ambition of the film, we mobilize a specialized and qualified team depending on the budget of your project.
All techniques for finalizing your project at this very specific stage is carefully being taking care of with our experts from image editing, sound editing, sound dubbing, mixing, special effects (titration, 2D effects, 3D, keying,…) picture. Finally, the export in the format and support according to the medium utilize.
From pre-production, the implementation of a fluid workflow is essential to optimize post-production technical operations.
About Us

Leyth Production

Based in Tunisia, Leyth Production was founded in 2009 by the filmmaker Nada Mezni Hafaiedh and the producer & business man Slim Hafaiedh . Its involvement in the cinematic process varies from the early stages of development to providing all stages of post-production services for short, feature films documentaries and TV series.